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Pocket Logo “THE LEAKSTER” T-SHIRTS! No one on the trail will wonder where your loyalties lie with this great new T-Shirt from world-renowned Early Bronco artist Thom Cheney.

Available exclusively from B.C.


This one’s sure to evoke some good whining from your sniveling Jeep buddies! Professionally screen-printed on Hanes® 100% pre-shrunk cotton T-shirts, in white, black, royal blue, and red with BCB logo on front pocket.

In men’s size M-2XL.

Specify size, and color when ordering. 01-12130 ……………………………………………………………………………$16.00 Order Parts Toll Free 888-304-2945 local 760-389-2309 “ENOUGH SAID” B.C.

BRONCOS T-SHIRTS & SWEATSHIRTS Now you can show your enthusiasm for Early Broncos with a B.C.

Bronco’s “Enough Said” T-shirt or sweatshirt.

This unique design is screenprinted in full color onto the back of a quality Hanes® 100% pre-shrunk cotton Beefy-T short sleeve T-shirt or sweatshirt.

This design comes on Ash (fabric color) only, in men’s sizes M-2XL.

Specify shirt style and size when ordering. 01-11230 “Enough Said” Short Sleeve Shirt . . . . . .$16.00 01-41230 “Enough Said” Pullover Sweatshirt . . . . . .$20.00 01-51230 “Enough Said” Hooded Sweatshirt . . . . . .$25.00 01-61230 “Enough Said” Hooded Zip Sweatshirt . . .$30.00 “ENOUGH SAID” CHILDREN’S TEE SHIRTS We also carry Toddler (2T-4T) and Children’s (6-16) sized tee shirts available with our “Enough Said” artwork.

Please call for pricing and availability.

Please note: Toddler sizes will have only a single blue bronco showing and not the entire stack of trucks.

Specify size when ordering. ……………………$10.00ea SIZE PART NO. “BRONCO MANIAC” B.C.

BRONCOS T-SHIRTS Another addition to B.C.

Broncos’ line of quality Early Bronco clothing.

This design puts a Bronco spin on a classic theme.

Screen printed on quality Gray 100% cotton Hanes® Beefy-T’s, as shown.

Available in men’s sizes M-2XL.

Specify size when ordering. 01-13730 . . . . . . . . . . . . $16.00 2T-4T 01-11211 6-8 01-11212 10-12 01-11213 14-16 01-11214 TODDLER ART (2T-4T) BC BRONCOS BASEBALL CAP Notice that there’s no adjusting strap in the back? Let us know what size hat you wear.

The hats are made of a stretch material.

Royal blue and tan with embroidered BC Broncos logo.

L/XL in stock. 01-71210 …………………………………………………….$15.00 NEW! — BC BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 FUN STUFF 5 FUN STUFF EARLY BRONCO BELT BUCKLE Solid brass, satin finish belt buckle.

Measures 2 1/2” X 3 1/2”.

This will also make a great gift; every Bronco enthusiast should have one! 04-11100 …………………$15.00 “THE LEAKSTER” WINDOW STICKER! Now your Bronco can sport the same clever “Leakster” design that we’ve been offering on T-shirts.

This great sticker is sure to make strangers think twice before telling you “nice Jeep!” at the stoplight and is sure to evoke plenty of Jeep-geek whining on the trail! Carefully adapted from Thom Cheney’s original design.

This sticker is precisely die-cut from durable vinyl and will boldly make your statement for years.

Color is white. 02-11010 …………………………….$4.00 Come visit us ONLINE: Order Parts Online! 1972 marked the last year for the beloved half cab and the Ranger trim package was introduced.

In 1973, Ford finally answered the calls for modernization by introducing the C-4 automatic transmission option and optional power steering.

The base six cylinder engine was bumped from 170 to 200 cubic inches.

The J-handle transfer case shifter was introduced shortly after the model year began and the low range transfer case ratio became 2.34:1.

By 1974, the 200 c.i.d.

Six cylinder and 4.11 axles were no longer available in California.

Unleaded fuel engines and catalytic converters were the new items added to the Bronco in 1975 in the face of increasingly strict emissions requirements.

The bicentennial year brought several key improvements to Ford’s sport utility, most notably the addition of long overdue power assisted front disc brakes.

The steering box ratio was shortened to 3.8 turns lock-to-lock, and the inverted-Y steering linkage and front anti-sway bar were introduced.

The 1977 Bronco in many ways represented the best of the breed.

There were very few changes from the previous year; the most important one for enthusiasts being the introduction of the heavy-duty 9” “banjo” rear end housing.

The most obvious exterior change was the introduction of gas tank doors replacing the previous exterior mounted caps, in line with the introduction of doors on the F-Series and Econoline vans.

The rear marker lights were mounted vertically to give clearance for the doors.

The early Bronco today enjoys a cult-like status among four wheel drive and collector car enthusiasts alike.

Its simple, sturdy construction, V8 power, and excellent maneuverability ensure good off road performance and provide a platform on which many modifications can easily be made.

The popularity of the classic 1966-1977 Ford Bronco will no doubt continue to soar in the years to come.

Todd Z. BRONCO: Ford’s Pioneer Utility Vehicle The Ford Bronco was introduced to the public in August 1965 to compete against Jeep’s CJ-5 and International Harvester’s Scout in the burgeoning recreational four wheel drive vehicle market.

The first Broncos were very spartan without options such as power steering and an automatic transmission.

The first models were available with a 105 hp 170 c.i.d.

Six cylinder and Ford’s 3.03 three-speed manual with a column-mounted shifter.

The 289 V8 option was introduced in March 1966.

The transfer case was a Bronco specific Dana 20 with a low range ratio of 2.46:1.

The Bronco, with a 92-inch wheel base, was offered in wagon, half cab, and roadster configurations.

The roadster option was not very popular and was discontinued after 1968.

The Sport Package was introduced in 1967.

This package included selected chrome trim, bumpers, and various other interior appointments to separate it from the standard model.

For 1969, the 302 V8 replaced the 289 V8.

Two speed electric windshield wipers replaced the vacuum units several months into the production run.

Some sources say the removable top feature was discontinued, although enthusiasts know better! The stout Dana 44 became the standard Bronco front axle early in the 1971 production year, replacing the weaker Dana 30.

The special edition Baja Bronco by Bill Stroppe and Associates was also introduced this year.

Stroppe took a Sport Bronco wagon and added a roll bar, dual shocks at each wheel, Gates Commando tires, fender flares, larger tires, rubberized steering wheel, bumper braces, power steering, automatic transmission, special nameplate, and red, white, blue, and black special order paint.

A total of approximately 650 Baja Broncos were produced between 1971-1975. 6 B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 11-41000 11-42200 11-42100 FUEL TANK SELECTOR VALVES Our electric fuel tank selector valves replace the old manual tank selector under your seat for easy, trouble-free operation.

The 3-port valve (electric or mechanical) is the solution for carbureted vehicles.

The 6-port electric valve is the answer to the dual tanks’ dilemma for EFI-equipped vehicles, as it switches both the supply and return lines simultaneously.

Best of all, either of the electric valves can be easily wired to the existing fuel gauge selector switch on your dash, so you can switch the fuel gauge between tanks at the same time you switch tanks for fuel delivery. 11-41000 3 Port, Mechanical . . . . . . . . . . .$25.00 11-42100 3 Port, Electric . .$45.00 11-42200 6 Port, Electric . .$79.00 24 GALLON MAIN FUEL TANK -THE LARGEST TANK YOU CAN BUY FOR YOUR EARLY BRONCO! The ultimate Early Bronco fuel tank is here! Newly re-designed with cleaner lines and an ingenious new mounting system.

This replacement fuel tank is designed to withstand years of hard-core four wheeling.

The new track-mount system allows you to mount the tank in any early Bronco, regardless of body lift, as high as possible to get maximum ground clearance.

This tank is designed to take advantage of all available space to maximize fuel capacity, increasing your range.

The kit includes tank, mounting brackets, sender, hardware and instructions.

The optional skid plate can be bolted on. 11-11200 11-11210 11-61100 11-62100 24 Gallon Main Fuel Tank (kit) . . . . . . . . 3/16” Skid Plate (bare) . . . . . .

Main Tank Filler and Vent Hose Aux Tank Filler Hose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$337.00 . . .$79.00 .$18.00set . . .$45.00 SKID PLATE (SHOWN FINISHED) FUEL TANK SWITCH Works with either electric fuel valve listed above.comes complete with wiring connector. 11-42300 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$22.00 EFI FILTER/ACCUMULATOR This ingenious new innovation from B.C.

Broncos takes the fuel accumulator concept one step further.

Now you can combat fuel starvation while assuring clean fuel and eliminating the potential of sediment buildup in the accumulator! Uses standard spin-on fuel filters available at most parts stores.

The kit comes complete with filter and all fittings you need to install into your existing fuel injection system.

Also works very well as a high capacity filter for carbureted applications! 11-51000 . . . . . . . . . . . .$70.00 NEW! BASIC DIMENSIONS -TECH TIP- HOW TO: GETTING BOLTS INSIDE THE FRAME To get a bolt inside the frame to mount things like gas tanks; drill the hole in the frame just a little over-sized.

Push a length of standard electrical wire into the drilled hole and out the end of the frame.

Strip about two inches of insulation from the wire sticking out the end of the frame and wrap a few of the strands around the bolt you want to use.

If you want to use a washer inside the frame, put it on the bolt before the wire.

Wrap some strands left and some right then simply pull the wire and the bolt will come out the hole in the frame. 11-32200 — ENGINE/COOLING 7 ENGINE/COOLING QUADRAJET ADAPTER KIT Includes special adapter to mount a Quadrajet carb to your 4-barrel intake and all mounting hardware. 11-71220 . . . . . . . . . . . .$20.00 JET QUADRAJET CARBURETORS The Quadrajet carburetor has gained a legendary reputation for off-road performance.

Folks running other carburetors understand the frustration of the engine sputtering and dying whenever the terrain gets rough.

More than just pride suffers— starters overheat from constant cranking, batteries get drained, drive train components get hammered from constant assault and failure on the same obstacle.

Not to mention the frustration of everyone in the line of rigs piling up behind you on the trail. EDELBROCK “PERFORMER” 4-BARREL ALUMINUM INTAKE MANIFOLD The Edelbrock Performer manifold is the classic dual-plane, low rise intake manifold that makes power from idle to 5500 RPM.

You can expect excellent throttle response, and greatly improved torque over a wide RPM range, especially off-idle through the mid-range.

Available for Ford 289/302/351 Windsor engines with 4-barrel carburetor. 11-72121 289-302 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$150.00 11-72221 351W . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$150.00 fuel injection—until they look under the hood! Our carburetors are remanufactured specifically for off-road use using quality components.

All Quadrajet carbs feature an electric choke, and are built for your engine after you order it.

We need to know HP, exhaust, intake manifold, cam and the elevation you plan to use it at.

Get a Quadrajet and make yourself, your Bronco, and everyone who wheels with you much happier! They come in 3 levels: mild, modified and extreme.

NOTE: Installation requires a 4-barrel intake manifold and adapter kit #11-71220 (sold separately).

Custom built to your specs- 4 weeks ETA. 11-71111 11-71112 11-71113 Q-jet Carb, mild (Stage 1) . . . . . .$350.00 Q-jet Carb, modified (Stage 2) . . .$360.00 Q-jet Carb, extreme (Stage 3) . . .$405.00 The Quadrajet is the solution.

We’ve had our Broncos over some of the most extreme trails from the Hammers to Moab, and our Quadrajets never stumble.

Many folks figure we must be running -TECH TIP- NEW! HI-PERFORMANCE AIR FILTER ELEMENT This oiled-cotton filter element provides more airflow and makes more power than any paper filter; plus you can clean and reuse it.

Fits most 13” air cleaners.

Cleaner and oil not included. 11-71222 . . . . . . . . . . . .$45.00 HOW TO: CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT All carburetors need to be adjusted to the engine they are installed on.

For the electric choke, you can not use the coil (+) wire.

Go from the accessory of your ignition switch.

Install carburetor and air cleaner.

Start engine and watch for fuel leaks.

Wait until the engine is warmed up.

Check to be sure that the choke is open.

Adjust the fast idle screw (low on passenger side) to be off fast idle cam.

Adjust idle screw (on low driver side) to 700 rpms.

Adjust either of the 2 air/fuel mixture screws (left or right side low front) in or out 1/4 turn at a time going from left to right screw.

You want to go in the direction that will increase rpms.

As the rpms increase, adjust the idle screw back to 700 rpms.

Go between the air/fuel and idle screws until the air/fuel screws are set at max rpms and the idle is 700. THROTTLE CABLE We developed this throttle cable kit especially for carbureted Early Broncos.

This kit affords precise throttle control beyond that of the stock mechanical linkage.

Includes cable, mounting bracket, hardware and instructions. 11-71400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$40.00 Got a technical question? Call us: 11-71410 Stainless Steel NEW! . .$50.00 760-389-2309 after : pm PST DUAL THROTTLE RETURN SPRINGS 11-71430 ……………………………..$6.00 C-4 KICKDOWN CABLE For Carb or EFI equipped Bronco’s.

On Carb applications, requires bracket #11-71420 if used without throttle cable shown above. 11-71300 C-4 Kickdown Cable . . . . .$50.00 11-71420 Cable Bracket (for carb) . . .$10.00 NEW! 8 CHROME, DROP BASE AIR CLEANER This 13” air cleaner will clear most stock hoods and has the good rolled base that keeps it from cutting through the air cleaner gasket.

Includes filter element, base gasket and deluxe wingnut.

Fits most 2 or 4 barrel carbs. 11-71210 . . . . . . . . . . . .$45.00 B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 HEAVY DUTY VALVE COVER GASKETS Designed for long life and hard use, these valve cover gaskets feature a steel inner core that’s completely covered by a quality rubber skin.

Fits 289/302/351W.

Sold in pairs. 18-00221 …………………..$20.00pr NEW! — Come visit us ONLINE: ORDER ONLINE: 24hrs a Day! NEW! “BRONCO” VALVE COVERS These sharp looking valve covers are manufactured from heavy cast-aluminum and feature authentic “Bronco- Powered by Ford” lettering across the top.

Available in black finish with bright top detailing or bright polished finish.

Fits 289/302/351W.

Sold in pairs. 18-00211 Black ……….$139.00pr 18-00212 Polished …..$199.00pr NEW! EFI SPEED SENSOR (VSS) Fits in the speedo cable hole in the tailshaft housing and generates the necessary electrical signal for the ECM.

The stock Bronco speedometer cable simply attaches onto the back of the sensor to drive the OEM speedometer.

Connector included. 81-12010………………………$84.00 NEW! BI-DIRECTIONAL WATER PUMP This quality bi-directional water pump is the unit we install with our serpentine conversions here at the B.C.

Broncos shop.

The unique housing and impeller design provides maximum water flow in either standard or reverse rotation, making this the perfect water pump for effective cooling of either your serpentine or v-belt equipped engine.

Fits Ford 289, 302 or 351 Windsor engines with the older water pump bolt pattern. 12-22200 …………………..$109.00 TIMING CHAIN COVER The perfect replacement for your original timing chain cover that’s getting so corroded and hard to seal.

Fits 289/302/351W engines. 18-00110…………………….$125.00 EFI COVER PLATE This is a polished aluminum plate that replaces the stock plate.

It is engraved with the word Bronco and a rectangle box for the included B.C.

Broncos name plate or the optional 302 or 351 name plate. 18-00311 ……………………$45.00 NEW! B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 ENGINE/COOLING 9 ENGINE/COOLING NEW! RON DAVIS ALUMINUM OFF-ROAD RADIATOR For the off-roader who wants an all-aluminum radiator, we now carry Ron Davis radiators.

Ron Davis makes the finest aluminum radiators you can buy, with features including a furnace brazed core, multi-louvered fins, 100% Tig welded construction (no epoxy) and 6061-T6 outlets and fittings.

These radiators are all pressure tested to 32 psi.

Ron Davis radiators contain 2 large 1” tubes that are standard equipment on most desert racers.

Fits in stock radiator mounts.

See matching aluminum fan shroud on page 11. 12-12211 1966-77 EB with F-150 P/S box ………………………….$450.00 12-12221 1966-77 EB with F-150 P/S box, w/internal trans cooler ..$510.00 12-12210 1966-77 EB with 5.0 conversions …………………………$450.00 12-12220 1966-77 EB with 5.0 conversions, w/internal trans cooler.$510.00 12-12110 1966-77 EB, stock replacement……………………………$430.00 12-12120 1966-77 EB, stock replacement, w/internal trans cooler …$510.00 RADIATOR MOUNT SET Includes the upper and lower brackets and poly bushings. 12-14300………………………$45.00 B.C.

BRONCOS TRIPLE PASS SUPER DUTY RADIATOR For the Extreme 4-wheeler we’ve developed this triple-pass copper radiator that outperforms all radiators we’ve tried! This unique design uses bulkheads in each tank to force the coolant to pass across the full width of the radiator 3 times before being sent back to the engine.

We installed this radiator in our race Bronco, and during the 2003 Baja 1000 the coolant temperature (carb’ed 351W) never rose above 174 degrees! All copper construction features an ultra heavy duty 3-row core, using 5/8” tubes with 15 cooling fins per inch.

No modifications are necessary to mount this radiator; stock brackets are used and no alterations are necessary to your fan and spacer.

Automatic transmission applications will require an external fluid cooler, as this radiator does not have an internal cooler.

Core charge applies1. 12-11111 …………………………………………………………………..$350.00 NEW! HEAVY DUTY RADIATOR The B.C.

Heavy duty, 3-row copper radiator utilizes 15 fins per inch and large 5/8” tubes resulting in better heat transfer than most 4-row radiators.

This radiator is only 2.25” deep, so it uses your stock radiator brackets and won’t affect your fan to radiator clearance.

While it only has 3 rows of tubes, it weighs 33% more than the 2.75” 4 row radiators that we have found.

The extra weight comes from the additional fins and tubes.

Get better cooling at an affordable price! Core charge applies1. 12-11110 HD Radiator, Man.

Trans . . .$300.00 12-11120 HD Radiator, Auto Trans . . .$300.00 1 Requires $50 core charge.

When we receive your old stock Bronco V8 radiator, we will refund your core charge. -TECH TIP- B.C.


Broncos’ Radiator Guard will work with all 14” to 18” flex fans.

This product will help keep the fan from contacting the radiator on any car, truck or SUV and is highly recommended on all applications that place the fan less than 2” from the radiator.

Made of steel and powder-coated in your choice of two colors.

Don’t wait, this is very inexpensive radiator insurance! Will not work with fixed pitch fans. 12-13100 Black ……………$35.00 12-13200 Blue ……………..$35.00 DO YOU NEED A RADIATOR? As a radiator is the most expensive part of the cooling system, I save it until I have checked everything else.

If your radiator is not damaged check all of the following things before purchasing a radiator: • Check temp gauge for accuracy.

I like to use a hand held temp gun. • Check thermostat for accuracy.

You can use a pan of water and a thermometer. • Check air-fuel mixture.

If the exhaust is white or light gray it may be too lean.

Have it put on a exhaust gas analyzer. • Be sure you have a good water pump. • If you don’t mind the noise, get a deep pitched, fixed pitch fan.

If you don’t like the noise use a good flex fan. • Use a fan shroud.

The fan should be about 1/2 way into the shroud, but you also want the fan as far from the radiator as possible. • The water pump pulley should be smaller than the crank pulley. • Good coolant recovery system.

If you have all of the above in order and you are still running hot, a radiator should fix the problem.

A good radiator may mask some of the above problems but they will still be there waiting to bite you at the most inconvenient time. 10 B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 HI-PERFORMANCE MECHANICAL FANS These fans by Derale Cooling Products have been chosen by B.C.

Broncos as the ultimate mechanical fans for the early Bronco.

The flex fan features stainless steel blades to pull maximum airflow through your radiator at low r.p.m.s and progressively flatten at higher speeds to conserve horsepower.

The racing fixed pitch fan pulls more air than any fan we’ve seen! Either fan is available in conventional or reverse rotation versions.

Specify style, diameter and rotation when ordering. HI PERFORMANCE FLEX FAN 12-42131 12-42211 12-42141 12-42221 17”, 17”, 18”, 18”, std.

Rotation rev.

Rotation std.

Rotation rev.

Rotation . . . . .$45.00 .$45.00 .$45.00 .$45.00 RACING FIXED PITCH FAN 12-43131 12-43211 12-43141 12-43221 17”, 17”, 18”, 18”, std.

Rotation rev.

Rotation std.

Rotation rev.

Rotation . . . . . . . . .$42.00 .$42.00 .$42.00 .$42.00 NEW! NEW! THERMOSTAT HOUSING Aftermarket replacement style housings for stock or serpentine 289/302/351 applications. 12-84100 289/302/351……….$20.00 12-84200 289/302/351 Serp ..$20.00 RADIATOR HOSES Top quality hoses for stock V8 and Serpentine conversion. 12-31100 289/302/351 upper …..$12.00 12-32200 289/302/351 lower……$16.00 12-33100 289/302/351 Serpentine with AC, upper…………………$16.00 NEW! RON DAVIS ALUMINUM FAN SHROUD All aluminum construction.

Can be used with most replacement style radiators on 1966-77 V-8 Broncos with stock or 1” body lift. 12-63000 …………………….$138.00 FIBERGLASS FAN SHROUD A fan shroud is critical to proper cooling! This sturdy fiberglass shroud uses the same dimensions, contours and mounting points as the OEM shroud.

Fits 1966-77 V8 Broncos with stock or 1” body lift. 12-62000 Fiberglass ……….$60.00 12-61000 stock plastic ……$45.00 — B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 ENGINE/COOLING 11 ENGINE/COOLING TORNADO ELECTRIC FAN This Slimline fan comes in diameters from 10” to 14”.

The 12” version is the best electric fan we could find for the Early Bronco.

The “Tornado” electric fan from Derale Cooling Products features a swept wing blade design which provides increased airflow over old style straight blades.

This is the only truly reversible fan on the market, capable of pusher or puller duty with no loss of performance.

Another great feature of this fan is the blade-protecting grille guard.

Installation kit includes all necessary hardware to install the fan in manual on/off configuration. 12-51301 10” diameter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$100.00 12-51401 12” diameter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$110.00 12-51501 14” diameter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$140.00 ENGINE OIL COOLER with ELECTRIC FAN Reducing the oil temperature increases your engine’s lifespan and reduces the heat load on the cooling system.

This quality engine oil cooler from Derale Cooling Products features a heavy duty stacked plate design, electric cooling fan with shroud and 8AN male ports.

Mounting dimensions: 13”x 8.5”x 4.25” (including fan). 12-71200 . . . . . . . . . . .$159.00 FLUID 12-82000 COOLER THERMOSTATS You can automate your fluid cooling system with these quality components from Derale Cooling Products.

The Inline Fan Thermostat installs into an -8 AN port and will automatically activate your cooler fan when the fluid reaches 180°.

The Fluid Control Thermostat allows fluid to bypass the cooler until the fluid temperature reaches 180°, when it opens fully to pass fluid through the cooler. 12-82000 In-line Fan Thermostat …………………..$25.00 12-81100 Fluid control Thermostat (not shown) ………$65.00 HEAVY DUTY TRANSMISSION COOLER Nothing can kill an automatic transmission quicker than overheating the fluid.

And nothing gets a transmission hotter than off-roading.

Protect your transmission by installing this heavy duty transmission oil cooler from Derale Cooling Products.

This cooler has an integral fan and shroud for maximum airflow through the cooler even during slow rock crawling in the desert heat.

Features include: -6AN Male Ports, Barb Adapter For Hose Clamp, 16 Pass Flow Pattern, Anodized Billet Brackets, 10″ Reversible Turbo Fan.

Mounting dimensions: 13″x 10.5″x 5″ (including fan). 12-72000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$189.00 OIL COOLER HOSE This Goodyear® hose is made to work with hot oil or ATF.

Sold by the foot.

Note: ATF hose may also be used for your power steering return line (NOT for pressure use). 12-71310 1/2” for engine oil …$2.00/ft 12-71120 3/8” for ATF…………$2.00/ft Can’t find what you need? Call and Ask! 1-888-304-2945 12 — NEW! HEATER SHUT-OFF VALVE You can’t live without this item in the summertime! Even with your heater turned off, there is still some hot coolant slowing circulating through your heater core under the dash.

Once this valve is installed, you can completely shut off the water to your heater core, making it much cooler inside the cab.

In the winter just turn the valve back on.

Easy to install and easy to use. 75-32000 . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20.00 A/C ELIMINATOR PULLEY Idler pulley with adapter. 15-60010 . . . . . . . . . . . . .$45.00 -TECH TIP- HEAD REMOVAL If you can not get a cylinder head off, be sure all the bolts are out, then pull a spark plug and fill the hole with 1/4” cotton line.

Then turn the engine over.

The head will come off. NEW! RADIATOR PETCOCK Replaces a worn or missing petcock in your Bronco’s radiator. 12-15000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$4.00 ACCESSORY PULLEYS, V-BELT 15-31000 Chrome water pump pulley, 2-groove …………$69.00 15-52000 Chrome Alternator pulley, 2-groove …………$20.00 15-22000 Chrome Crankshaft pulley, 2-groove …………$69.00 Come visit us ONLINE: B.C.

BRONCOS • ACCESSORY PULLEYS, SERPENTINE Powdercoated black finish. 15-32000 Water pump pulley, serpentine………..$30.00 15-41000 Power steering pulley, serpentine………..$33.00 15-51000 Alternator pulley, serpentine………..$15.00 15-60000 Idler pulley ……$18.00 • 1-888-304-2945 ENGINE/COOLING 13 SERPENTINE BELT CONVERSION KIT Finally, an easy, affordable way to convert your Bronco’s 289, 302 or 351 Windsor to serpentine belt and accessories! The key component of the B.C.

Broncos serpentine conversion is our exclusive crank pulley adapter, which is available by itself or as part of our complete serpentine conversion kit.

All other components are readily available separately from B.C.

Broncos or your local salvage yard. -TECH TIP- DRIVETRAIN REMOVING PILOT SHAFT BEARING Unless you have a special pilot shaft bearing remover, the pilot shaft bearing can be the toughest part of changing the clutch, but it can be made easy. ZF TRANSMISSION ADAPTER KIT We’ve assembled a comprehensive kit to help you install a ZF manual transmission in your early Bronco.

About the only thing not included in this kit is the transmission itself: -Clutch pedal kit -Clutch master cylinder -Clutch slave cylinder -Clutch throwout bearing -Clutch hydraulic line -Transfer case shifter bracket -Cross member -Adapter (ZF to Dana 20) -Spud shaft (ZF to Dana 20) -Spud shaft bearing -Spud shaft seal -Mounting hardware 21-11100 . . . . . . .$950.00 Put all the wheel bearing grease that you can get in the center of the pilot shaft bearing.

What you will be doing is filling up the cavity behind the bearing with grease.

Then get a dowel that will just fit into the center.

A wood dowel will work as long as it fits tight.

Start the dowel into the hole then hit it with a hammer driving the dowel into the hole.

If the cavity is full (no air) and the dowel is tight the pilot shaft bearing will be pushed out by the grease that is trapped behind the bearing. -TECH TIP21-11200 ADAPTER PLATE 21-11210 SPUD SHAFT ZF TRANSMISSION ADAPTER In our opinion the Ford ZF 5-speed transmission is the best manual transmission available for your Early Bronco.

This is a state of the art five-speed transmission that shifts smoothly and has an excellent low gear (5.72:1) as well as overdrive (.76:1).

ZF transmissions are easy to find and will bolt right to your 302 or 351 Windsor.

This adapter was developed to mate the ZF to the Dana 20 transfer case.

You must use a ZF transmission from a 1988 or later Ford 4X4 pickup with a small block engine (302/5.0 or 351/5.8).

You can fabricate your own cross member or use the one we have specially designed for this application (see below).

Your stock EB flywheel and clutch will work with the ZF too.

We also offer brackets for using a hydraulic clutch.

The ZF installation does not require a body lift if your stock body mounts are in good shape, only a 5” X 8” hole in the tunnel cover. 21-11200 ZF Adapter (plate only) …$325.00 21-11210 ZF to Dana 20 Spud Shaft …..$200.00 NOTE: Occasionally, the ZF output shaft needs minor trimming when installing our spud shaft and adapter plate. CLUTCH CHATTER Often clutch chatter is caused by a warped clutch disc.

To avoid this problem there are several things that you need to do.

First never allow the weight of the transmission to rest on the clutch disc.

This usually happens when you are removing or installing the transmission.

You get the trans out about one inch and let it down to get it the rest of the way out.

More often you will have it almost all the way in, but it will not go, so you let it down to move the jack.

When you do this you are resting the weight of the transmission on the clutch disc and have a good chance of warping it.

You will not know it is damaged until you try to drive it.

To avoid this, always use a transmission jack and do not allow the transmission weight to rest on the clutch disc.

Also check all discs new, used, or rebuilt by putting them on the transmission input shaft and turning the output while watching the disc for warpage.

If you can see the warp your clutch will chatter.

Good luck! NEW! ZF TRANSMISSION CROSS MEMBER Save yourself the hassle of fabricating your own cross member for the ZF transmission! The B.C.

Broncos ZF cross member bolts in and is constructed of rugged tubular steel.

Whether you’re mating the ZF to your Dana 20 using B.C.

Broncos’ adapter (see above) or to an Atlas transfer case, this unit will hold it securely in place.

Polyurethane bushings isolate drivetrain vibrations from the vehicle frame. 21-11300 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$110.00 LUK CLUTCH KIT All new parts! This top quality kit comes complete with pilot bearing, T/O bearing, clutch cover, disc and alignment tool. 16-11000 ………………….$160.00 14 B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 — NEW! FRONT SPINDLE COMPONENTS Quality Spindle Nut kits and Spindle Bearing kits are now available from B.C.

Broncos. 26-52000 Spindle Nut kit: inner and outer nuts with locking ring . . . . . . . . .$10.00kit 26-51000 Spindle Bearing kit: Spindle bearing, thrust washer, slinger, dust seal & spindle bearing seal . . . . . . . $10.00kit OX HEAVY DUTY U-JOINTS Another HD U-joint design that thinks outside the box! The Ox features trunnion caps with an integral stud that’s held in place with a unique retainer inside the main body of the joint.

This means NO snap rings to break, which is what usually leads to U-joint failure.

Installation of the OX is simpler than a conventional joint, and removal is even more so with a special trunnion cap extractor (included with each pair) that gently presses each cap out through the end yoke.

High strength, precision machined materials are used throughout.

The Ox can be greased through either of two needle fittings in the center of each removable side cover.

Currently available for 5-760 sized axle shafts only; sold individually or in pairs. 23-13010 OX U-joint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$145.00ea 23-13110 OX U-joint, Pair (Includes Extractor) . .$285.00pr NEW! CAP EXTRACTOR REPLACEMENT DANA U-JOINTS Our 5-260 U-joints will fit the stock 1966-77 Bronco Dana 30/44 axles.

The 5-760 Joints are for the Moser and HD F-150 style axle shafts. 5-760 SIZE: 23-11010 greaseable . . . 23-11020 non-greaseable 5-260 SIZE: 23-21010 greaseable . . . 23-21020 non-greaseable . .$30.00ea . .$30.00ea . .$30.00ea . .$30.00ea MOSER HIGH STRENGTH FORGED ALLOY FRONT AXLE SHAFTS Now With Fully Heat Treated Outers! Moser has recently upgraded their popular alloy Dana 44 axle shafts will full length heat treating on the outer shafts- now including the vulnerable yoke area! This significantly increases the strength of the outer shaft, and makes shaft failures around the U-joint a thing of the past.

Moser axles feature forged alloy-steel that is precision machined and heat treated for the ultimate in strength.

These axles will fit all early Bronco Dana 44 front axles, and are designed for Dana 5-297 (or the new 5-760) U-joints.

Moser axle shafts are sold individually or in a complete set, without U-joints.

Note: Outer axle shafts fit driver or passenger side.

For U-joints, see our CTM, OX or Dana listings on this page. 26-21111 EB Dana 44- Driver’s, inner…………………………$147.50ea 26-21211 EB Dana 44- Passenger inner ………………………$147.50ea 26-22001 EB Dana 44- Outer (either side) ……………………$147.50ea 26-23111 EB Dana 44- Complete Set …………………………$550.00set ALL-NEW! -TECH TIP- FRONT WHEEL BEARING ADJUSTMENT After removing the front hub you will need to adjust the front wheel bearings.

You will notice that there are two round nuts and one lock ring.

The inner most nut should have a pin sticking out on one face.

It is important to be sure that the nut with the pin is put on first with the pin facing out.

With the wheel on, tighten this nut to 50 foot pounds until it is very snug.

Roll the wheel a couple of turns to get everything seated then loosen the nut until you can feel a click when you push in and out on the wheel.

Next, tighten the nut again until you cannot feel the click.

Put the lock ring on.

It should fit flat with the pin sticking in one of the holes in the ring.

If it does not sit flat, flip the ring and try again.

If it still will not sit flat tighten the inner lock nut just a little and try the lock ring again.

This should only be about 1/8″.

After you have the ring sitting flat put the outer lock nut on and tighten to 50 foot pounds.


BRONCOS • CTM RACING U-JOINTS These might possibly be the last set of U-joints you will ever buy for your Front axle.

Made of high strength alloy steel, these U-joints use a unique bronze bushing rather than needle bearings to allow for larger trunnions.

These have been put to the test in the most extreme conditions, and no failures have been reported to date! CTM backs these U-joints with a lifetime warranty.

CTM joints are greaseable through the end of each cap. 23-12010 CTM Dana 44 U-joint replaces Spicer 5-760 . . .$180.00ea 23-21010 CTM Dana 60 U-joint . . . . . . . . . .$240.00ea 26-24100 26-24200 MILE MARKER STAINLESS PREMIUM HUBS We’ve searched high and low for the best built, most rugged locking hubs available for the Early Bronco, and we’ve found them! These Mile Marker units are precision engineered and finely crafted from the highest quality materials.

The Supreme Stainless hub, shown above on the left, is a great looking hub with a cap sheathed in stainless steel and all steel internals.

The Ultimate Stainless Hub, shown on the right, truly lives up to its name with a solid stainless steel cap and dial and all steel internals.

There is no chrome-plated pot metal or plastic in these! 26-24100 MM Supreme . . .$80.00pr 26-24200 MM Ultimate . .$160.00pr • 1-888-304-2945 DRIVETRAIN 15 DRIVETRAIN MOSER EXTREME DUTY REAR AXLES For Early Bronco Ford 9” From Moser Engineering, the most respected name in high strength alloy axles.

Bearing kits are sold separately, and include Moser’s special bearings with O-ring outer seal, plus retainer plates.

Bearings are installed FREE when purchased with axle shafts! 27-11120 28 spline, small bearing . . . . . . . . . . . .$295.00pr 27-11220 28 spline, big bearing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$295.00pr 27-12120 31 spline, small bearing . . . . . . . . . . . .$295.00pr 27-12220 31 spline, big bearing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$295.00pr Bearings & Retainer Plates for Moser Axles . .$85.00set 27-00010 -TECH TIP- BIG BEARING AXLE HOUSING ENDS Here’s a way to convert your original small bearing or “Torino” ended 9″ axle housing to a Big Bearing unit.

If a shop or friend near you has an alignment bar, you can weld these on yourself.

Or you can send your housing to B.C.

Broncos and we’ll do it for you.

Call for estimates on shipping and labor. 27-41100 …………………..$80.00pr INSTALLING AXLES Rear Axles: While removing or installing a rear axle do not allow it to rest on the seal.

Hold it up off the seal when moving it in or out.

If you allow the axle to rub on the seal, you have a very good chance of damaging the seal and causing a leak.

Front axles: Do not allow the inside end of the axle to touch the inside of the front axle tube.

Look inside the tube and you will see why.

It will have sand, mud, dirt and debris inside the tube.

Make a little scraper, using something that you can bend 90 degrees at the end, and scrape out as much debris as you can get out.

Then using the outer axle as a lever; keep the inside end up off the tube.

Even after cleaning the tube out you will push debris into the carrier if you are not careful.

If you don’t clean the tube you could push a lot of debris inside the carrier. Come visit us ONLINE: NEW! HEAVY DUTY 9” HOUSING WITH DISC BRAKES and AXLES B.C.

Broncos is now offering this heavy duty, big bearing 9” rear axle housing equipped with our popular disc brakes and Moser axles.

Each axle housing includes a heavy duty, gusseted housing with big bearing ends, our complete rear disc brake kit, brake lines from the calipers to the rear hose, new rear parking brake cables and Moser axle shafts.

Third member is not included; but is available separately.

Installation requires NEW! FRESH AIR VENT SYSTEM With this CNC machined 4-port block and filter system, you can run your front & rear differential, transmission & transfer case vents high up on the firewall to get them as far out of the mud and water as possible.

In the event of a rollover, this vent system will prevent fluid loss by absorbing it into the filter.

The cotton filter is reusable and washable – just wash and re-oil.

A great addition to any 4×4! 28-50000……………………$65.00 welding on shock mounts (included) and spring perches (not included).

Your Bronco will also need to have front disc brakes and an appropriately sized brake master cylinder. 28-16100 9” BB housing with disc brakes ………$1300.00 28-16000 9” BB housing, bare ………………….$350.00 For custom third members, please call 25-21000 25-30000 HEAVY DUTY DRIVE SHAFTS These heavy duty drive shafts are custom built for B.C.

Broncos to our specifications.

With 7” splines, they are made to work with long travel suspensions without over-extending or bottoming out.

Assembled with high quality components including Spicer U-joints.

We stock drivelines for 3.5”, 4.5” and 5.5” lifts, and can take custom orders for any application.

NOTE: All driveshaft orders require a length measurement provided by the HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DRIVESHAFT: customer at the time the order is Note: Take driveshaft measurement with vehicle fully loaded, placed.

Please refer to the diagram and all four wheels on the ground.

Transfer Case at right when making this Differential measurement. 25-11210 Front . . . . . .$280.00 25-11110 Rear . . . . . .$280.00 re this Measu distance 16 B.C.


Broncos carries heavy-duty hardware for your classic Bronco’s driveshafts.

Both 12-point bolts and U-bolts are available. 25-21000 Drive shaft bolts . . . . . . . . . . $2.00ea 25-30000 Drive shaft U-bolt (with nuts & washers) . . $5.00pr NEW! • 1-888-304-2945 Central Rotating Sleeve Increases Suspension Flex! • SIMPLE • STRONG • EFFECTIVE “The WAH increased my front wheel travel by 10 inchesVery impressive!“ D.S., Malibu, CA B.C.

BRONCO’S WRISTED AXLE HOUSING ( “WAH” ) The Wristed Axle Housing (“WAH”) is the latest innovation from B.C.

Broncos to get the most extreme articulation possible out of your Early Bronco.

Maximizing articulation allows your Bronco to crawl over difficult obstacles while keeping all four tires in contact with the ground.

The result is better traction for both forward movement and braking, a more stable ride through uneven terrain, and increased driver confidence with fewer “tippy” situations.

The WAH works by relieving the natural sway bar effect that is inherent in the radius arm suspension design.

The WAH leaves both radius arms firmly in control of braking and torque, resulting in better on-road manners than either a wristed arm or lengthened radius arms.

Off-road, the WAH completely frees C-bushing bind and allows each end of the axle housing to articulate according to the terrain under that tire, virtually unaffected by the other.

The components of the WAH are CNC machined to stringent tolerances.

Each kit includes a hub, rotor, cap, thrust washers, sleeve, grease fittings and hardware.

You may install it yourself or send your clean, bare Dana 44 housing to B.C.

Broncos to have the WAH installed here.

Basic fabrication skills including careful measuring, cutting and welding are required, but no precision machining is needed.

At this time the WAH is only available for the stock Early Bronco Dana 44 and the 1978-1979 F-150/Big Bronco “high pinion” D-44. KIT COMPONENTS 26-41000 26-42000 WAH- EB D44 . . . . .$400.00 WAH- F-150 High Pinion D44 . . . .$400.00 LABOR FEE to install WAH in your CLEAN housing . . . . .$300.00 B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 DRIVETRAIN 17 DRIVETRAIN -TECH TIP- MEASURING FORD 9” REAR AXLES Here is some useful information to help you determine what axle shafts you have in your Bronco: • AXLE LENGTH: Measure from tip of the axle to the outside of the axle flange.

Right and left axles will usually be different in length. • AXLE OFFSET: Measure from bearing shoulder to outside of axle flange. • SMALL or BIG BEARING: This is most accurately determined with an axle shaft removed from the axle housing.

Using the 3 illustrations at right, measure the inside diameter of the axle housing (where the axle bearing sits), plus the distance between the mounting bolts on the axle housing flange. • SPLINES: Count the number of splines at the end of the shaft. AXLE LENGTH OFFSET 3.375″ 3.500″ 3.562″ 2.835″ 2.000″ 3.150″ — B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 LIFETIME WARRANTY! The new Dana 20 output shaft is made for B.C.

Broncos by one of the best gear manufacturers in the U.S.

The shafts are being made to very close specs to match the stock Dana 20 output shafts in every way except strength.

The 300M material is much stronger so the shafts can be made to stock specs using your stock bearings and yoke.

It is the same material that the CTM U-joints are made of.

The company that makes this shaft also makes crankshafts and axles for some of the top fuel dragsters. Some Technical Information from the Manufacturer: • Thread: J-series controlled radius root for improved strength. • Inside corners: Generous blend radii avoids stress concentration. • Splines: Precision hobbed for improved mating, part fit and alignments. • Bearing Journals: Ground to precise size for correct fit, surface finish and concentricity. • Material: Uniquely alloyed and tempered, vacuum melted, 300M steel produced specifically for highly stressed, torsion applications. 22-31110 ……………..$375.00 NP-435 TO DANA 20 ADAPTER PLATE The NP-435 transmission is a popular swap for Early Broncos, revered for its reliability and great low gear.

This precision machined adapter kit allows mating the NP-435 to the Early Bronco Dana 20 transfer case, making the swap clean and easy.

Note: This adapter requires an intermediate adapter (housing and shaft) from a 6 cylinder Bronco.

You must provide this.


Broncos sometimes has these on hand- call for pricing and availability. 21-31000 . . . . . . . . . . .$250.00 ADVANCE ADAPTERS TRANSMISSION AND TRANSFER CASE ADAPTERS B.C.

Broncos now carries the complete line of AA adapters.

If you want to put a different transmission or transfer case in your EB, chances are we’ve got a precision manufactured adapter to make it fit! Call for applications and pricing! C4/D20 ADAPTER ATLAS II TRANSFER CASE For brute strength, ultimate rockcrawler gearing and precision engineering, nothing comes close to the Atlas II.

Available in 3 different ratios, the Atlas features helical cut gears, synchronized shifting, large rear output shaft, twin-stick shifter and a Dana 20 bolt pattern for ease of installation! Driveshaft modification is required. 23-11000 3.8 ratio……………………………………..$2000.00 23-12000 4.3 ratio w/32 spline output shaft ……$2500.00 23-13000 5.0 ratio w/32 spline output shaft ……$2500.00 NEW! JP ROCK EATER TRANSFER CASE GEARS The 4.86:1 JP Rock Eater gears make it possible to drive to the trail head and have the low gears to crawl on the trail.

The 4.86 (lowest on the market) T-case gears give you a lower final gear ratio with 3.5:1 differential gears than you get with the stock 2.43:1 T-case gears and the 4.11:1 or 4.88:1 differential gears. 3-Speed 1st Gear T-Case Low Range Rear End Ratio Final Drive (“Crawl”) Ratio Can’t find what you need? Call and Ask! 1-888-304-2945 — 2.43 (Stock) 2.43 (Stock) 2.43 (Stock) 4.86 (JP Gears) 4.86 (JP Gears) 4.86 (JP Gears) X X X X X X 3.50 4.11 4.88 3.50 4.11 4.88 = = = = = = 25.43:1 26.86:1 35.46:1 50.86:1 59.72:1 70.91:1 The difference in gear ratios is quite evident in this comparison of the stock 2.43:1 gear set (top) vs.

The 4.86:1 JP Rock Eater gear set (bottom).

The JP Rock Eater gears are the highest quality gears made and will fit in the stock Bronco Dana 20 “T-shift” transfer case with no machine work needed.

Can be used in “J-shift” transfer case with additional gear shown below1.

No need to change the drive shafts and no need to cut holes in the floor for more shifters. 22-11101 JP “T-shift” gear set ………….$1559.00 22-11111 JP “J-shift” additional gear1…..$140.00 NEW! DANA-20 TRANSFER CASE YOKE This output shaft yoke will fit the Bronco Dana-20 transfer case and the stock size 1310 U-joints.

Sold individually. 24-21000 …………………….$60.00 B.C.

BRONCOS • • 1-888-304-2945 DRIVETRAIN 19 300M DANA 20 OUTPUT SHAFT

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